Diet and your hair

It’s very important to eat a balanced diet to ensure you are healthy from the inside out.

The main components of your hair are protein and water.

The average woman need 46g of protein a day and men need 56g per day.

If this value is not met for many days the body may withhold it from the hair and nails. This will lead to thinner hair and even hair loss over time.

Protein can be found in the following foods:
Meat is one of the leading sources of protein, choose lean meat as a healthier option.
Fish is an excellent source of protein as an added bonus the oils in the fish help to protect you from heart disease.
Eggs are loaded with protein but don’t eat too many as they can increase your cholesterol. If this is your main source of protein try egg whites: all the protein without the high cholesterol!
For the Vegetarian and Vegans, you need to really up your protein intake. You should be eating ¼ of a plate of food containing protein at least 2 times a day. Beans, lentils, nuts and leafy vegetables should be increased in your diet to ensure your body has enough protein left over for your hair.

Crash dieting, very low protein diets or eating less than 1000 calories per day for the average woman hair, may put your health at risk over a long period of time. If your body does not have its nutrition it will sacrifice your hair nails and even teeth to conserve and redirect energy!
So eat a healthy and balanced diet for long, strong hair.

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