Pregnancy and your hair

No matter what stage the hair shaft was in before pregnancy (growth, resting or shedding), once you are pregnant, your hair will stay frozen in that phase.

Therefore, there is often reduced amount of shedding. For most women they experience an apparent increase in the thickness of the hair, as hair is growing and little is falling out.

When the pregnancy is over the shedding phase returns. During the previous 9 months many additional hairs were supposed to enter the shedding phase. These now begin to shed. All the hairs in the resting phase now shed and it seems as though this is happening all at once.

People are often scared that their hair is all falling out. These hairs were always going to come down and rest assured it usually balances out after a few months.

Hair loss or hair shedding?

While hair shedding often stops on its own, the hair loss happens when something stops the hair from growing.  The hair shedding is a common result of stressing factors, for example: high fever, surgery, experiencing stress (divorce, death, sickness), as well as pregnancy.

The hair loss process on the other hand, happens due to immune system, hereditary hair loss or drugs and treatments.

As mentioned above, hair shedding is highly common after giving birth and not while pregnant. The only process your hair experiences during pregnancy, which women seem to believe is hair shedding, is dehydration. At this stage, your hair becomes drier due to the hormone progesterone.

If you have given birth and you are currently dealing with this situation, don’t panic! Be patient and give your hair some time to grow back. This is just an episode of your pregnancy period. Remember you are not the only one, this unfortunate situation happens to 40-50% of women and it is temporary.

Due to an increase in the level of oestrogen hormones existing during the pregnancy period, you should expect a luxurious hair growing. The oestrogen is the key factor that stimulates your hair growth.

As there does not appear to be a certain treatment to avoid hair shedding during and after pregnancy, you should follow some simple steps that mums-to-be have shared all over the world:

  1. Use a shampoo and conditioner based on biotin and silica;
  2. Avoid combing your hair when is wet as your hair while you are pregnant is twice as fragile;
  3. Using the “cool” setting on your blow dryer is highly recommended;
  4. Forget about using any accessories which can stress your hair (hair weaves, wigs, braids, pigtails, etc.)
  5. And of course, the diet! A natural diet based on vitamin B, C, E, Biotin and Zinc. A complex of carbohydrate (fruits or wholegrain toast) between meals will have a positive impact.

With this in mind, we wish you a healthy and safe pregnancy!


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